Matica Magazine: The July Issue

Read our interview with translator Nicolas Raljević, recently decorated with the Order of the Croatian Morning Star for his contribution to the promotion of Croatian dramatic arts and literature in France, and about a promising young operatic bass singer born in Karlovac and earning acclaim at the opera in Stuttgart.

Eighth Traditional Folk Costume Review for Croatians Abroad Held Online

The participants of the eighth review were greeted by Croatian Heritage Foundation deputy director Mr Ivan Tepeš and by Ms Žana Ćorić, an advisor with special status for Croatians in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the State Office for Croats Abroad. Guests of honour at the event were Petar Hategan from Romania, Ljerka Sindik from Montenegro, Manda Oršulić from Germany, and Katarina Horvatović from Zagreb, joined by previous participants of the review.