The Croatian Heritage Foundation operates from its head office in Zagreb and branch offices in five Croatian regional centres – Pula, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik and Vukovar.

The CHF Board of Directors:

Milan Kovač, BSc Econ, President
Đuro Vidmarović, MSc
Hrvoje Hitrec, BA
Vjekoslav Jeleč, DSc
Lada Kanajet Šimić, BA

The work of the Croatian Heritage Foundation is overseen by a Board of Governors made up of five members (a president and 4 members) appointed by Croatian Government.

The Croatian Heritage Foundation is run by a Director, nominated by Croatian Government and appointed by the Board of Governors.


Mijo Marić, BA

Deputy Director:

Ivan Tepeš. PhD

E-mail: ivan.tepeš


Marijana Žeželj, LLB

The Head of the Director’s Office organises the operation of the offices of the Director and Deputy Director, and coordinates the operations of the various departments with the Director’s Office.

IT Systems Section includes maintenance of the operating and networking system, maintenance of web pages as well as maintenance of IT equipment
Section Head: 
Ivana Dvorneković, BSc

The Croatian Heritage Foundation has 9 departments. Tasks are distributed to the various departments based on their function and similarity.

The Department of Culture proposes and implements programs of traditional culture and advances proposals to improve the same; organises exhibitions, concerts, dramatic arts seminars and plays for the theatre in Croatia and abroad; encourages, develops and improves cooperation with Croatian emigrants and their descendents in the field of culture.

The Emigrant Heritage Section is part of the Department and works to collect historical material on Croatian emigrants, to systematise the archival materials on emigrants and to collect historical material on the work and activity of the CHF.

Head of Department:
Snježana Jurišić, MSc

Section Head:
Ljerka Galic, BA

The Department for Croatian Minorities deals with Croatian minorities, and coordinates the work of branch offices in the field of work with Croatian minorities.

Head of Department:
Marin Knezović, MSc

The Department of Education, Science & Sports prepares and implements the Croatian language summer school programs, cooperates with the relevant institutions in Croatia and abroad, cooperates directly with institutions in the places in which emigrant communities live and with individuals active in the field of education, and proposes and implements other relevant programs in the area of the sciences and sports.

Head of Department:
Lada Kanajet Šimić, BA

The emigrant information department in collaboration with ministries and other competent bodies of the national administration is collecting all relevant information and making it available to Croatians in the emigrant communities via Matica magazine, Internet sites and personal contacts with the aim of facilitating the resolution of challenges they face, coordinating assistance for emigrants and returnees and linking them with the private sector and authorities in the Republic of Croatia, and contacting the competent authorities and organization in the country and abroad with the objective of facilitating legal aid.

Head of Department:

Mirjana Ana-Maria Piskulić, BA

The Publishing Department covers editorial tasks such the editing of Matica magazine, the Croatian Emigrant Almanac, the CHF Internet Portal and other publications from the CHF work program.

Head of Department:
Vesna Kukavica, BA

The Marketing & Promotions Department sells advertising space in Matica magazine and the CHF Internet pages, promotes CHF publications and programs and seeks sponsors for them, is responsible for renting out space at the CHF premises and carries out public relations tasks.

Head of Department:
Ivana Rora

Legal Affairs Department drafts proposals of statutes and other general acts, contracts, decisions and orders, monitors court, administrative and other proceedings to which the CHF is party, proposes and monitors the work of plenipotentiaries – CHF representatives in these proceedings, maintains contacts with representatives of emigrant organisations and individuals with an accent on legal assistance tasks for emigrants and their descendants and for returnee emigrants, and carries out tasks related to researching the genealogical roots of emigrants and their descendants.

Legal advisor:
Lana Šaš, LLM

The Finance Department is responsible for financial accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Head of Department and Chief Accountant:
Suzana Hreljić, BA Econ


CHF branch offices have been established by a decision of the CHF Board of Governors in Pula, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik and Vukovar to facilitate the mission of the CHF in the various parts of the country.

Head: Maja Mozara
Tel: 020/ 436 276
Fax: 020/321306

Mob: 098/344313
Petilovrijenci 7
20 000 Dubrovnik

Tel: 021/321 904
Fax: 021/321 903
Marmontova 5
21 000 Split

Head: Dean Miculinić
Tel: 051/ 214 557
Fax: 051/ 339 804

Mob: 099/2714250
Trpimirova 6
51 000 Rijeka

Head: Barbara Buršić

Mob: 099/4963866
Leharova 2
52 100 Pula

Head: Silvio Jergović
Tel: 032/450 572
Fax: 032/450 573

Mob: 099/6115111
Franje Tuđmana 20
32 000 Vukovar