Gradišće Croat Humanitarian Concert in Zagreb

Zagreb mayor Bandić presented the Medal of the City of Zagreb to Roman Catholic bishop Živković for his contribution to connecting ethnic Croatians living in other countries with their ancestral land of origin. The bishop for his part presented gifts as a sign of gratitude to Zagreb and Vukovar and to Croatian Government as sponsors of the concert.


Croatian and Visiting Poets Gather in Rešetari


This unique poetry event is now in its 22nd incarnation and is organised by the Rešetari Literary and Arts Association and the Croatian Heritage Foundation. It is much more than simply a gathering of poets. Nurturing the ancestral mother tongue, Croatians around the world hold on to their identity in the countries they now call home and create bridges with Croatia.


July Issue of Matica Magazine Available

The latest issue of Matica magazine is fresh off the presses. The cover of the July issue of our monthly magazine features the Korana River and the land it lies in as we mark the 440th anniversary of the founding of the city of Karlovac. This issue of Matica focuses on the island of Korčula.