Croatian School Day in Hungary

On hand for the ceremony were Vesna Haluga, the Croatian general consul in Pécs, Ivan Gugan and Angela Šokac Marković, the president and vice president respectively of the Croatian self-government authority, long time former Croatian self-government authority president Mišo Hepp, the head of the Croatian language and literature department at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pécs and the director of the Hungarian Croatian Institute of Sciences Stjepan Blažetin, CHF deputy director Ivan Tepeš and Lada Kanajet Šimić, the head of our education, science and sports department.

Novo Mesto Hosts 7th Croatian Culture Parliament

Welcome addresses were followed by performances featuring: the Novo Mesto Croatian Culture Association, the Međimurje Croatian Culture Society of Ljubljana, the Komušina Croatian Culture & Arts Society of Škofja Loka, the Međimurje Folklore Ensemble of Ljubljana, the Klapa Dalmari vocal ensemble of the Croatian Culture Society of Maribor, the Istra Croatian Culture Society of Piran, the Međimurje Croatian Culture Society of Velenje, the Pomurje Croatian Culture Society of Lendava and the Ljubljana Croatian Society of Ljubljana.

Meeting of Italian Croatians in Padua

The Catholic holy mass was followed by a concert featuring the Libertas mixed choir from Dubrovnik conducted by Viktor Lenert and accompanied by pianist Ivana Jelača. On hand to welcome the gathered and thank the hosts for their hospitality were Duška Madunić, the president of the Croatian Community of the Veneto region, and Maja Mozara, the head of the Dubrovnik branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation.

In Memoriam: Drago Trumbetaš (1937–2018)

No one has described temporary migrant workers and people on the bottom rungs of the societal ladder with as much compassion, comprehension and humour as Trumbetaš has. Particularly vivid in this aspect was the artist’s alter ego, his anti-hero Tonči, the protagonist of many of Trumbetaš’ sketches.