The CHF Little School Motion Picture

The work of the School was showcased by Lidija Cvikić, one of our leading experts in the field of teaching Croatian as a foreign language, Igor Matijašić, the leading writer on this project, Marina Aničić Spremo, the author of the short documentary Spomenak, and Lada Kanajet Šimić, the head of the Little School.

Data base on Croatian folklore and tamburitza ensembles

The CHF Department of Culture is launching a new project – to create a central database on all Croatian folklore and tamburitza ensembles and klapa a cappella vocal bands in the Croatian emigrant communities and minority communities in neighbouring countries. This database will be permanently accessible on the Croatian Heritage Foundation Internet portal, and, when…

Matica Magazine Winter Double Issue

In the latest issue read all about the anniversary of Operation Maslenica, the President’s visit to the Croatians of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the first session of the 2nd convening of the advisory body on Croatians abroad, the 2018 Winter School of Croatian Folklore and much, much more.