CHF Hosts Toys at Heart Exhibition

This brilliant idea has thus bridged three continents and showcased the creative potential of young people in the homeland and the diaspora. We certainly expect to see the Toys at Heart project join the ranks of other long-standing and fruitful CHF programmes and that these toys will continue to find their way into our hearts for decades to come.

Digital Edition of Across the Atlantic to the Pacific

The Croatian Heritage Foundation has created a digital edition (PDF file) of one of the key works covering Croatian settlement of North America, Ante Tresić Pavičić’s exhaustive 1907 travelogue Preko Atlantika do Pacifika / Život Hrvata u Sjevernoj Americi – putopisna, estetska, ekonomska i politička promatranja (Across the Atlantic to the Pacific / The Lives of Croatians in North America – Travelogue, Aesthetic, Economic and Political Observations).