Primorac Penn State University Global Ambassador

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The decision to appointed Primorac a Penn State ambassador was made by the university leadership. Penn State University president Eric J. Barron will present the appointment at a ceremony.

Penn State University in the United States of America has appointed Dr Dragan Primorac a Penn State University Global Ambassador. He is the first person in the history of this university, founded in 1855, to bear the title.
The university’s vice provost for global programs, Michael Adewumi, announced the decision, noting that the appointment would be presented by the university’s president Eric J. Barron at a ceremony on the 29th of February 2016.
Penn State University was founded by governor James Pollock in 1855 and is numbered among the ten largest US universities. Over one hundred thousand students currently study at its twenty-four campuses. The university’s annual budget is about 34 billion kuna (by way of comparison the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports has an annual budget of about 11 billion kuna).
Penn State University has the largest active network of former students (alumni) in the USA, with over 170 thousand active members, including Nobel Prize winners, members of the US senate and congress, governors, judges of the American supreme court and numerous heads of state. It is interesting to note that both Hugh Rodham and Hugh Rodham Jr, father and brother respectively of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former US secretary of state and a candidate for American president, graduated from Penn State University.
In his statement on the appointment of Dr Primorac, the university’s vice provost for global programs Michael Adewumi noted that Primorac has been a professor at the university for a number of years and is a very successful expert with a significant international reputation who strongly supports the education of young people. He added that he was honoured that Primorac accepted the offer and noted that, following the appointment of Dr Primorac as the university’s first ambassador, the title would also be awarded to another five people from among the most eminent public figures.
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