Matica Magazine: The November Issue

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The second to last issue of Matica in 2020 is out. The cover photography by Iva Urh features a pomegranate bursting with seeds. The fruit ripens at this time of the year along the length of our Adriatic seaboard. To back cover pays homage to the late ballerina and ceramic artist Vera Kalan-Benić.

This issue focuses on Šipan, the largest island of the Elaphiti island group, featured in our columns: the history by Marin Knezović, the endemic species of flora and fauna by Darko Mihelj, Sanja Vulić’s cues in communication, underappreciated academy trained painter Marko Murat and Ljerka Galic’s look at a trio of renovated eleventh century pre-Romanesque churches.

Numerous guests of honour joined us at the CHF headquarters for the promotion of a lexicon of our diaspora and ethnic Croatian enclaves abroad. This impressive tome brings to one volume our lexicographic knowledge of Croatians outside the country, presenting an encyclopaedic treasury of the body of knowledge relevant to the Croatian national corpus and culture outside of Croatia (Diana Šimurina-Šoufek).

In his column on Croatian musicians Davor Schopf tells of ballet artist Astrid Turina and her life between Zagreb and Canada. We also look at professional standard dancer Nick Kosovich whose search for his ancestral roots sees him in the Zaostrog area to breathe new life into the ruins of his grandmother’s house (Božena Delaš).

In our newest regular column on Croatian language instructorships, we learn of the experiences of lector Diana Emmanuelle Myriel in London. Dean Miculinić, the head of our Rijeka branch office, tells of the newly opened first Croatian specialised museum of pharmacy.

Cravat Day was celebrated in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev for the first time and is brought to us by a Croatian language student at the Taras Shevchenko University.

In his regular column The Sociological Puzzle Nino Sorić tells of the lighthouses that dot the Adriatic coast.

Svjetlana Lipanović, editor of the Insieme/Zajedno magazine of the Croatian community of Rome, tells of the life of Franciscan nun Stella Okadar.

Željko Rupić keeps us abreast of current events at the State Office for Croats Abroad. Vesna Kukavica covers other current events in her columns Global Croatia and Click: Going Home. Our editor Ljerka Galic invites readers to enjoy these and other articles in this month’s issue.


03 Content



15 Global Croatia

16 The Sociological Puzzle

20 Croatian Musicians

36 Croatia’s Endemic Flora and Fauna

43 Cues in Communication

58 Click: Going Home

62  Movement/Aberration


4    In Focus: News from the State Office for Croats Abroad

6    Monument to national reform movement figure Ivan Antunović unveiled in Subotica

8      CHF host promo of lexicon on our diaspora and ethnic enclaves abroad

12    Cravat day celebrated in Ukrainian capital

14    Vukovar water tower and Croatian unity memorial opens

22     In search of ancestral roots: Nick Kosovich

24     Pharmacy museum in Rijeka

26     Slavonian theatre troupe in Bitola

27     Eco-corner

28     An interview with Julije Domac, presidential advisor on energy and the climate

32     Some thoughts on the history of the island of Šipan

40     Points of interest on Šipan island

44     Marko Murat, an underappreciated painter

48     An interview with Daria Pichler

49     Folk Costume Review and Pageant winner visits the CHF

50     The Croatian language instructorship in London

52     A monograph on Antun Vidaković

54     Irena Stanić Rašin poetry promo

56     Josip Mlakić’s new novel

60      Vukovar organ festival

61      In memory of Franciscan nun Stella Okadar

64      Crorama

66      Sports news


By: Ljerka Galic



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