CHF Best Villages meeting in Zagreb

The meeting pooled Croatian minority representatives from Pinkovac (Austria), Martinci, Petrovo Selo, Sumarton and Kukinj (Hungary), Karaševo (Romania) and Tavankut (Serbia). The CHF culture award has been received by three Austrian, four Hungarian, two Romanian and three villages in Serbia inhabited by Croatians.

Invitation to next year’s 19th Rešetari Meeting of Poets

The sponsors of the collection of poetry are the Croatian Heritage Foundation and Brod-Posavina County, joined by co-sponsor the Municipality of Rešetari. The publisher is KLD Rešetari of Rešetari, with Ivan De Villa serving as the volume’s editor. The selection of submissions will be by writers Ivan Slišurić, Stipan Blažetin and Đuro Vidmarović.

An outstanding bilingual monograph

Across the 277 pages of this monograph Brguljan has encapsulated a turbulent chronicle of this small town in the Bay of Kotor and the dramatic navigation undertaken by its seafarers across the seas and oceans of the world as captured on the paintings kept in the collection of the parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Prčanj. 

Blato presentation at CHF Dubrovnik

Following the presentation of the programme in May at the Museum Documentation Centre, the Croatian Heritage Foundation branch offices in Dubrovnik and Split had the opportunity to present the event and the issues of emigration from Blato, with a particular focus on the years 1924 to 25, at the premises of the CHF branch office in Dubrovnik.

October issue of Matica magazine available

In the latest issue of Matica magazine read all about the presentation of the electronic edition of the Croatian Emigrant and Minority Communities Lexicon, the First Croatian Emigrant Congress held in Zagreb, the opening of a permanent exhibition of the work of painter Kristian Kreković in Perušić and much, much more.