Anita’s Račišće Dance in Florida

Danko Grgas moderated the presentation of the book Anitin račiški tanac (Anita’s Račišće Dance). Joining the author to present the book on behalf of the CHF was Branka Bezić Filipović. Vladimir Igrec (87), one of the association’s first presidents from the time of the old club premises, gave a stirring speech.

Vesna Kukavica’s Networked Identities

The book brings together a selection of articles published in Matica magazine and inspired by migrant and exile issues under the Global Croatia column over the past five years, penned monthly by Kukavica, the long-standing editor of the Croatian Emigrant Almanac and the head of the CHF publishing department.

Spring HiT-1 Kicks Off

The University of Zagreb, the CHF and the SRCE University Computing Centre launched a new series, the eight consecutive, of the HiT-1 Croatian Internet language course – an on-line course for Croatian as a second or foreign language. Thirteen participants have enrolled for the introductory level Croatian language e-course and will follow classes and participate from their homes in Germany, Poland, Canada and the USA. All those who pass the final exam will receive confirmation of their participation and a transcript of their grades from the University of Zagreb.

Orašje theatre players delight Hercegovac

The jubilee 20th festival saw performances by the host Popular Theatre of the Croatian Reading Room of Hercegovac, the Orašje Municipal Theatre, the Croatian Amateur Theatre of Travnik, the Hrvatski Židan theatre troupe from Hungary, the Bunjevac-Croatian Culture & Arts Society of Lemeš from Vojvodina, and the Picolo Theatre of Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. A workshop was held in the frame of the festival for all stage participants led by Zagreb stage director Nina Kleflin.

60 years of the Croatian-American Club of Phoenix

The head of the Split branch office of the CHF made the trip for the Phoenix event by way of California, with its large Croatian community and three Croatian associations. Los Angeles was the venue for the 8th annual Croatian Cultural Extravaganza folklore review. The visit to the Croatians of Arizona wrapped up with a visit to the town of Globe.