Vancouver Native and Hvar Cross-Bearer Active in Zagreb Fundraiser

Matteo is an active member of the Croatian Catholic Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Vancouver. His is the sixth generation of cross-bearers, going back to his great-grandfathers and grandfathers on his father’s side in Vrbanj, and on his mother’s side in Jelsa. His father also bore the processional cross. Mateo also participated in a Zagreb earthquake fundraiser, and in an effort to secure financial assistance for the St Theresa of the Infant Jesus Home for Orphaned, Abandoned and Neglected Children.

A New Book from Adolf Polegubić

Crvena mora (“Red Seas”) is the twenty-first book by poet, pastoral theologian, commentator and chief editor of Živa zajednica magazine Adolf Polegubić. Born in Šibenik, Polegubić is a member of the Croatian Writers’ Association who lives and works in the German city of Frankfurt am Main. Polegubić is the recipient of a Croatian Heritage Foundation literary prize for his monograph Dušobrižništvo za Hrvate u Njemačkoj (“The Pastoral Care of Croatians in Germany”) published in 2017 as part of the eminent Diaspora Croatica series.

Matica Magazine: The May Issue

In our thematic examination of the Adriatic isles we look at the culture, history and natural bounty of the island of Mljet, situated in the magical waters facing Dubrovnik. Along with the crossing of the apostle Paul’s travels and this island, and a literary residence at an Odyssean refuge, readers will learn of the fascinating careers of people that have left Mljet to live in New York and California.

Interview prof. dr. sc. Vladimir Peter Goss A brief introduction to post-earthquake renewal of Zagreb

Interview by Božo Skoko While recovering from the terrible earthquake and discussing ways of renewal some of the experts see this misfortune as an opportunity. As absurd as it may sound, the catastrophic earthquake of 1880 led to an architectural move wherein Zagreb got the Lenuci Green Hoof, Downtown palaces, the renewed Cathedral with tall,…

Trial and Warning

We all undergo changes, and doubtlessly Croatia will look different after Corona. I sincerely hope that this change will be for the better, and will leave us better organized, that human qualities, unity, relying on local producers, innovation and functionality will be appreciated…, says Božo Skoko professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the…

A Two-Day Celebration of Amateur Theatre

Joining the host folk theatre troupe to present their theatrical talents were the amateur theatre troupe of the Croatian National Council of Montenegro, a travelling theatre troupe from the German city of Stuttgart, a Croatian amateur theatre group out of Travnik in neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Piccolo theatre troupe from Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, and the Danjgube amateur theatre troupe of the nearby village of Ladislav.