We are collecting material for the future Croatian Emigrants’ Museum, and the digitalised photographs will be published in Matica magazine, on our Internet portal, and will be permanently archived at the CHF Photo Archives at the Croatian Heritage Foundation

Photos are important documents that record emigrant history! We will publish photos that depict the family, work-related, social, religious and other aspects of the lives of Croatians around the world in a new section of Matica magazine and on our Internet portal photo gallery.

The photos will be depicted chronologically, from the oldest to those recorded in the late 20th century. All photos that are sent to us, which meet the expert and technical criteria, will be archived in the photo archives of the future Croatian Emigrants’ Museum.

How, and what kind of photos should I send?
We are interested only in photos provided in digital form. Classic hard print photos should, then, be scanned at high resolution, and then sent by e-mail to: casopis.matica@gmail.com.

The photos should be accompanied with very detailed and complete descriptions. That include citations of all known (and presumed) information such as where and when the photo was taken, what and/or who is in the photo (persons, associations, events, buildings, landscapes and the like), who took the photo and who owns the photo…