The conference, staged in Zagreb, pooled some of our top design, marketing, research and sports talent: Pavuna, Ljubičić and Bruketa, Skoko, Zvonimir Frka-Petešić, Mirko Novosel and many others.

The third incarnation of the Branding Croatia in the World seminar was successfully wrapped up in Zagreb last weekend at the multimedia auditorium of the Croatian Heritage Foundation.

Possibly the best annual conference Croatia has seen in the past twenty years, as some of the media have referred to the event, pooled some of our top design, marketing, research and sports stars at a single venue. From physicist Davor Pavuna, designers Boris Ljubičić and Davor Bruketa, marketing expert Božo Skoko and diplomat Zvonimir Frka-Petešić to Mirko Novosel, one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, actor Robert Kurbaša and many others.

Some fifty leading society figures took part in this seminar, coming from very diverse educational and professional backgrounds (from the pharmaceutical industry, education and the business sector to the music and fashion industries and tourism), eagerly listening to and taking part in the interactive lectures and debates, at times even in heated exchanges (the Branding and the Homeland War lecture delivered by film producer Dominik Galić, the author of the Heroes of Vukovar television series, aroused a lot of interest), while Pavuna’s almost three-hour exposition, as an event open to the broader public, drew many outside guests.

A round table held on the afternoon of the 11th of March is noteworthy. The panel of Ljubičić, Skoko and Frka-Petešić was joined by Sanja Bach from the finance ministry, musicologist and diplomat Zdenka Weber, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce’s coordinator for the Buy Croatian programme Tomislava Ravlić, Croatian Heritage Foundation director Mirjana Piskulić, island of Silba Tourism Board president Kristijan Lopac, a returnee from Germany’s Berlin, and producer Dominik Galić.

The Branding Croatia 3 conference was held under the high patronage of the Croatian president and is organised by the Petar Ćurić Agency in collaboration with the Croatian Government’s State Office for Croats Abroad, the Croatian Heritage Foundation, the Tourism Board of the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The organisers have announced similar future initiatives across other Croatian cities.
(Fenix Magazin)

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