The gallery of the Croatian Heritage Foundation Dubrovnik is the venue of the latest solo exhibition featuring Dubrovnik-based painter, pedagogue and poet Josip Škerlj.

An exhibition featuring the work of Dubrovnik-based academy educated painter Josip Škerlj opened at the gallery of the Croatian Heritage Foundation Dubrovnik on the 11th of April. 

In his foreword to the exhibition catalogue, Marin Ivanović notes: “Škerlj’s paintings all possess a dose of humour, whether as a play on unambiguous and everyday gestures and symbols, by simply turning figures on their heads or as a play on forms and sizes such as with the figure of Leda. Even in the fall of angels, i.e. the Biblical theme of the rise of evil, there is no trace of the tragic or apocalyptic, and paunchy women are so characteristic of his work that a series without one seems almost not to be his. This loco or “playful player” as he is referred to by Karaman, has become so deeply engrained in the fabric of Dubrovnik, in its daily life, that whenever we see Škerlj on Stradun avenue or one of his paintings in the studio or at an exhibition, the day becomes, even in the slightest possible measure, a happier one.”

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