Dubrovnik painter Ljiljana Lile Knez opened her first solo exhibition with art historian Marin Ivanović on hand to speak of the artist and her work. Maja Mozara opened the event, featuring a poetry recital by Krunoslav Težak.

Painter Ljiljana Lile Knez opened Polychrome of the City this September 5 at the premises of the Croatian Heritage Foundation Dubrovnik branch office, her first solo exhibition. Maja Mozara opened the event, with art historian Marin Ivanović on hand to speak of the artist and her work. Krunoslav Težak was also there to deliver a poetry recital.
The development of the art of Ljiljana Knez started with basic training under the guidance of fellow painter Rajna Njirić, and continued with her own study of painting and an intuitive sense of colour. In her work she uses colour methodically and systematically, and the next step in her development was a deconstruction of form. Ljiljana Knez achieved her key link to painting in contact with restoration work, which has conditioned the formal structure of her professional habitus. Dubrovnik is present in all of her work, whether by its panoramas or streets, its fortresses, or its nooks and crannies. In observing the City panoramas in her paintings, we notice that she always begins with a realistic depiction, before undertaking its deconstruction and the decanting of its colours. The Dubrovnik art scene pulsates and is in a constant state of flux. Every new artist is welcome, and needs to blaze their own path by effort and talent. Ljiljana Knez is an artist who possesses her own understanding of artistic expression and a progressive developmental path, a rich imagination and a desire for change and exploration, notes art historian Marin Ivanović.
The exhibition will be open through September. See the photo gallery at http://dubrovacki.hr