“Kontiuum Tremens” is an exhibition organised in Dubrovnik by the Croatian Heritage Foundation featuring the work of Mostar-based academy educated artist Mario Šunjić.

This is the Mostar-based artist’s first showing in Dubrovnik – the exhibition at the premises of the Dubrovnik branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation, opening on the 27th of August 2014, featured two series of his work consisting of small-format collages and sculptures centred on the theme of ships.
The collages – art historian Marin Ivanović noted at the opening – created from sketches, inscriptions or newspaper, come from the same source as the sculptures of ships.
These are highly stylised works with an emphasised need to be liked. Simply, says Ivanović, “these works incite curiosity in the observer and encourage questions.”
Mario Šunjić was born in 1975 and graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of the University of Mostar in 1992. He has presented his work at sixteen solo exhibitions and a number of group showings. He has received numerous prizes for his work, some of which forms part of the permanent exhibition of the Art Gallery of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Source: Hina