The festival in Orašje, as known as the junior brother of the Pula film festival, is opening a new chapter in its growth. Eight Croatian movies and one from Bosnia-Herzegovina will reaffirm its status as the key film event in the region.

Once again, for the eighteenth consecutive year, Orašje is the meeting place for fans of the Seventh Art. The Croatian Film Days in Orašje festival, as known as the junior brother of the Pula film festival (“mala Pula”), is opening a new chapter in its growth. Numerous guests, dignitaries, actors and movie directors – the elite of the Croatian film scene, will gather in Orašje this weekend. Also expected are a number of actors who will be in Orašje for the first time and, judging by those who have already become frequent guests, they too will fall in love with this sleepy Posavina region town and also become repeat visitors.
Many feel that this festival is special on account of its unpretentious approach, hospitality and non-competitive nature, making it both relaxed and glamorous with all the leading actors on hand. For all these reasons and more – and above all because of the invitation of festival founder and renowned actor Ivo Gregurević that all of the guests are happy to accept – guests are drawn back to this place in growing numbers. Movie buffs, then, have plenty of cause to be in Orašje from Saturday, September 7th to 14th.
Considered by many to be the top regional film event, the festival in Orašje will offer this year’s complete production as shown at the festival in Pula. The people of the Posavina region will once again be privileged to see these shows ahead of other major culture hubs, including Zagreb. Orašje is also special in that the audiences in Orašje will be greeted by many movie stars in spite of there being no red carpet and the fact that the small movie theatre will once again be too small to seat all of the actors arriving for the premiere showings.
Among the dignitaries expected at Orašje are the presiding member of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ivo Jelušić MP, And CHF director Marin Knezović, head of an institution that has followed and promoted the film festival in Orašje from its inception.
Among the stars expected in Orašje this year are some ten already announced directors. Among the actors special mention is deserved by actors Vedran Mlikota and Goran Navojec, who will this year be presented with a special award presented only here – Posavina gold ducats for their special contribution to the development of the film arts. Leona Paraminski, Slaven Knezović, Mia Begović, Ankica Dobrić, Nives Ivanković, Danko Ljuština, Sandra Lončarić and Zvonimir Ker are among the actors that have confirmed they will be in Orašje, says Gregurević.
“Top among the premieres this year will be Silva Čapin’s documentary and Šuti (Hush) by Lukas Nola, also expected in Orašje. The following evenings will feature documentaries by students from the Orašje area. Socialising after the premieres will be on the stunning banks of the Sava River on a ranch with tamburitza players, Miroslav Škoro and an ensemble from Županja. The following day will include a ride on the river aboard a river ferry and various other watercraft, Ivo adds.
Day one of the 18th Croatian Film Days will include a reception hosted by the municipal mayor and the opening ceremony at the Orašje movie theatre with a screening of Lukas Nola’s Hush. On Sunday, September 8th the repertoire will include Dražen Žarković’s Zagonetni dječak (Mysterious Boy) and Robert Orhel’s Hitac (One Shot) on Monday, September 9th. Tuesday, September 10th will feature the only film by Bosnia-Herzegovinian director Jasmin Duraković, Ja sam iz Krajine, zemlje kestenova (I Am From Krajina, Land of the Chestnut Trees), while Wednesday is reserved for Vinko Brešan’s Svećenikova djeca (The Priest’s Kids). On September 12th the audience in Orašje will see Filip Šovagović’s Visoka modna napetost (Haute Couture Anxiety), while Friday, September 13th will feature Zrinko Ogresta’s Projekcije (Projections). The final day of the festival, September 14th, will feature Bobo Jelčić’s Obrana i zaštita (Defense and Protection), winner of the Golden Arena award for best film this year at the Pula film festival.

Text by: Nada Koturić