Vojvodina Native Martina Romić Wins Croatian Folk Costume Pageant

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Joining the 2018 first prize winner for Miss Croatian Folk Costume are Miss Photogenic Danica Vinčec, first runner up Klara Jamić from Germany, and second runner up Noemi Molnar from Hungary

The Stećak Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Croatian Traditional Culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina joined forces with the Croatian Heritage Foundation to stage the 5thMiss Croatian Folk Costume Pageant for Croatians Abroad. The event was held from the 3rd to 7th of July under the auspices of Dragan Čović, the Croatian member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the State Office for Croats Abroad, the Government of Hercegbosanska County and the Municipality of Tomislavgrad.

The event aims to bring together and network Croatians around the world with the objective of promoting our shared traditional culture, to learn about and provide support to Croatians in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in particular to strengthen and preserve our national and cultural identity.

The final ceremony of the 5thTraditional Folk Costume Review and Miss Croatian Folk Costume Pageant for Croatians Abroad was staged at the municipal sports arena in Tomislavgrad.

The 2018 first prize for Miss Croatian Folk Costume went to Martina Romić from Vojvodina, an autonomous province in the north of Serbia home to a robust Croatian community. She was presented a replica of a 10th to 12th century necklace and bracelet found at Višići near Čapljina. The prize was presented by Dejan Vanjek, an advisor to and the representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina presidency member Mr Čović.

The Miss Photogenic prize, selected by votes cast on the Facebook page of the Stećak association, went to Danica Vinčec. She received a replica of earrings from Grborezi near Livno, presented by Deputy Speaker of Croatian Parliament Milijan Brkić.

The first runner up prize went to Klara Jamić, a resident of Germany. She was presented a replica of a silver necklace and earrings found at Sasina near Sanki Most, presented by Ivana Perkušić, the representative of the state secretary at the State Office for Croats Abroad.

Second runner up was Noemi Molnar from the ethnic Croatian community of Hungary. She was presented a replica of gilded silver earrings from Mandino Selo near Tomislavgrad, presented by Ivan Jozić, the first minister of the government of Hercegbosanska County.

Sitting on the panel of judges were MarijaPerić, a businesswoman in Tomislavgrad, Ms Željana Zovko, a Member of European Parliament, Jozo Pavković, the chief editor of the Večernji List newspaper’s Bosnia-Herzegovina edition, businessman Ivan Miloloža, and Petar Galić, the minister for science, education, culture and sports in the government of Hercegbosanska County.

On hand to provide the entertainment were pop singer Miroslav Škoro and the Korijeni vocal ensemble of Milwaukee in the United States of America.

(http://mandino-selo.com/wp/category/novosti/Foto: Miro Šumanović)

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