What Does It Mean to Me? 22. September 2020. What Does It Mean to Me? Is a project of the Croatian Heritage Foundation that works with youth in the Croatian minority communities in their interaction with the traditional culture of their group. Read more Roko Tanfara: Six Decades Abroad 30. July 2020. Over the past two decades he has spent the summer on his native island, not resting, but rather renovating the old family home. Roko has also built a new house for his grandchildren with four well-appointed flats with a view of the blue Adriatic Sea. The Tanfara's spend their golden years weighing each summer... Read more Spanish Translation of Beloved Šenoa Novel Zlatarovo zlato 21. July 2020. August Šenoa's Zlatarovo zlato ("The Goldsmith's Treasure") has finally seen a Spanish language edition as El Tesoro del Orfebre, translated by Adriana Ivana Smajić and Joza Vrljičak and featured in a virtual book promo event. Read more Canada's Ivana Glavić Clinches Folk Costume Pageant 21. July 2020. Petra Anić of Posušje in Bosnia-Herzegovina was voted most photogenic (votes cast via the FaceBook Internet portal), Annamarija Bunoza of Austria was the second runner up, the first runner up was Angela Miljak of South Africa, and the pageant winner was Ivana Glavić of Canada. Read more A Neretva River Boat in the Hills of Molise 21. July 2020. The sculpture has been completed and was unveiled at a modest ceremony that brought together representatives of associations active in culture from all four recognised Molise Croatian settlements: Kruč, Mundimitar, Filić (Stifilić) and Tavela. The project is the brainchild of Paolina Ferrante, president of the Luigi Zara culture association of Filič. Read more
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