CHF Hosts Symposium on Migration and Identity: Culture, Economy and the State 2. June 2021. The symposium opened with a lecture by Žana Ćorić, a special advisor covering Croatians in neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina with the State Office for Croats Abroad, one of the event organisers Read more CHF Donation for the Napredak Library in Mečenčani 7. May 2021. The donation was presented on behalf of CHF director Marić and the entire CHF staff to Donji Kukuruzari municipal mayor Ms Matković by the head of our department for education, science and sport Ms Kanajet Šimić and the campaign coordinator Ms Barišić. Read more CHF Hosts Online Round Table 26. April 2021. An online discussion was hosted by the CHF on the topic of the Bunjevac Croatians of the Bačka region and the appropriation of the Ikavian variant of the Neo-Štokavian dialect of Croatian. Read more An Online Gathering of Croatians Abroad with Roots in Zadar County 18. March 2021. The round table participants were from the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, the United States of America, Canada, Italy and Croatia. Read more A Decade of the HiT-1 Croatian Language Online Course 11. March 2021. Since March of 2011 the programme has seen two semesters each year, in the spring and autumn. Over the past decade it has been attended by 226 people from fifty countries around the world. Read more
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