Publicación del tesoro lexicográfico de la emigración y las minorías croatas 26. October 2020. La obra lexicográfica fue publicada conjuntamente por el Instituto de Ciencias Sociales Ivo Pilar y por la Fundación para la Emigración Croata. La tapa es obra del renombrado pintor croata de Australia, Charles Billich. Read more The Growing Network of Successful Croatian Women in Australia and New Zealand 23. October 2020. The virtual meetings regularly gather at least thirty women, and the circle of regular participants in the work of the newly created Australian/New Zealander network of women has recently been joined by Australian women of Croatian background now resident in Croatia and successful Croatian women now in the United Arab Emirates. Read more Thirty Years of CFU Lodge 530 Ogulin 23. October 2020. The picnic was staged on 5 September at Tower Rd. in St. Thomas, at the estate of the Franjo and Ankica Rupčić. Only 42 lodge members gathered on account of the pandemic fears. Read more Croatia Outside the Homeland III Promo Event 5. October 2020. The proceedings of the event were promoted by reviewer Jasna Horvat and the editors Josipa Mijoč, Marin Sopta and Tanja Trošelj Miočević. Read more A Novel Format for the Rešetari Poetry Meeting 5. October 2020. The sponsors of the 23rd poetry meeting in Rešetari, gathering Croatian poets from around the world, are the culture ministry, the City of Zagreb, Brod-Posavina County, and the City of Slavonski Brod. Joining the CHF as organisers are the Rešetari municipal government and the State Office for Croats Abroad. Read more
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