Read the instructions for viewing Croatian national broadcaster HRT’s newly launched Channel Five in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

National broadcaster Croatian Radio & Television (Hrvatska radiotelevizija, HRT) launched its Channel Five on the 1st of January (HRT-HTV 5), targeted to Croatians living abroad.
To view the channel in Europe you will need a satellite receiver and antenna. The reception parameters for satellites in Europe are as follows:
– Eutelsat HOT BIRD 13C (orbital position 13 degrees east)
– Frequency 11 642 MHz
– Polarisation H (horizontal)
– Transponder 157
– FEC ¾
– Symbol rate 27 500k Baud
– Standard satellite broadcast DVB-S2
– Modulation 8PSK
– Coding type MPEG-4
– FTA (Free-to-air)

To view the channel in North America, Australia and New Zealand you will need to contact the eMedia Network company at
Detailed information on viewing in North America is available at the link:, and for Australia and New Zealand at the link:
HRT’s Channel Five (HRT-HTV 5) can also be viewed live via the HRTi multimedia service, or view the past 72 hour archived via your desktop/laptop computer, mobile devices and smart televisions.
HRTi is a multimedia service for those who wish to watch and listen to HRT television and radio channels via the Internet on their desktop/laptop computer, mobile device or television.
– Watch five television channels live (HRT-HTV 1, HRT-HTV 2, HRT-HTV 3, HRT-HTV 4 and HRT-HTV 5)
– Listen to twelve radio channels (HRT-HR 1, HRT-HR 2, HRT-HR 3, HRT-Radio Dubrovnik, HRT-Radio Knin, HRT-Radio Osijek, HRT-Radio Pula, HRT-Radio Rijeka, HRT-Radio Sljeme, HRT-Radio Split, HRT-Radio Zadar and HRT-Voice of Croatia)
– Replay the past 72 hours of all radio and television channels via the programming guide
– Watch almost 20 000 television shows, films and series from the video library
– Listen to over 80 000 radio shows from our audio collection
See detailed information on the HRTi multimedia service HERE: