This Italian artist’s Venice exhibition is open for viewing at the gallery of the Dubrovnik branch office of the CHF through to the 11th of July.

Italian artist Daniela Quici ( opened her Venice exhibition at the Dubrovnik branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation on Monday the 3rd of July.

Daniela Quici’s temperament produces dynamic, gestural strokes of the brush of exceptionally eruptive energy. This painter is given to expressive gestures that strike the canvas with force, recording all the beauty and poetry of her native region and the city of her birth, Venice – the mysterious lagoon city.

This artist creates works of a refined range of colours and with the warmth and passion of a person exceptionally attuned to beauty. Her depictions of Venice are imbued with a Dionysian joy that celebrates the richness of pure colourism and the beauty of the Mediterranean milieu.

Daniela’s panoramas become ever more complex weavings and whirls of saturated colouristic torrents and escapades that, in the eye of the observer, create almost imaginary cosmic spaces that literally intoxicate with colouristic luxuriance. In her paintings this artist looks to emphasise the warmth and intimacy of the home, subtly highlighting individual details of the Mediterranean landscape, such as rustic small houses with old-style windows and balconies, while on the other hand she has a penchant for Klimt’s decoration and opulence, introducing the colour gold as an axis around which she creates fascinating scenes of always endlessly fascinating and innovative Venice.

Daniela Quici is a painter of utter creative freedom, abandoning herself to imagination and the joy of painting her native land. Every one of her paintings is different and agitated and each bears a different distribution of harmonised colours, a different structure and a different vision and resolution of its composition.

Daniela is an artist that approaches her canvases with passion, strong energetic stimuli and a new unstoppable flood or inexhaustible possibilities, transforming her inner visions of the subjective world into purely spiritual substances identifiable to everyone possessing the capacity to dream and see the world through the eyes of a child.

The exhibition is open for viewing through to the 11th of July.

By: Andrea Batinić Ivanković

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