The new satellite programme will be broadcast for the Croatian communities abroad and international viewers in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

On Monday the 1st of January national broadcaster Croatian Radio Television (Hrvatska radiotelevizija, HRT) launched its Channel Five (HRT-HTV 5), targeted to Croatian communities abroad and international viewers. The satellite signal covers Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The channel features special content tailored to Croatian diaspora communities and international viewers, a selection of content otherwise featured on the four HRT domestic channels and a selection of Croatian Radio Television archival content.
Included in the programming for Croatians abroad and international viewers are news shows in English, German and Spanish, the documentary series Discovering Croatia (Otkrivamo Hrvatsku) and Croatian, My Choice (Hrvatska, moj izbor), which showcase the lives of Croatian emigrants, returnees and foreigners living in Croatia. Also on the programming schedule is documentary content that follows the historical bonds between Croatia and the world and showcases the great worth of the country’s cultural heritage. Featured shows focus in particular on the Croatian minority communities in other European countries and on the Croatian component of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The editorial desk of Croatian Radio Television’s Channel Five hopes to offer all of this content in English, German and Spanish in the near future with the aim of bringing Croatia closer to young generations of ethnic Croatians living around the world and to foreign viewers. The eight-hour programming day, which will include about ninety minutes of specialised content, will be rebroadcast twice each day in order to cover all time zones in areas with large Croatian diaspora communities.
With the launch of the new channel the national broadcaster has fulfilled its obligations as laid out in a deal hammered out with Croatian Government that sees HRT, as a public media service, tasked to provide the best possible information to Croatians around the world and to international viewers, with the objective of promoting Croatian culture, traditions, nature, tourism industry and much more that makes Croatia distinct. With the launch of the channel, with content also available via the HRTi multimedia service, our national broadcaster will join a trend among members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) broadcasting satellite TV programmes. There are only a few member countries of the EBU that currently do not have this form of programming; these are Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, Denmark and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
As of the 1st of January you can find more detailed information on the programming schedule for HRT’s Channel Five on the HRT Internet site at, link to and on teletext.