The evening at Fort Gripe opened with a lecture on the history of the Croatian community in Argentina, continued with the poetry of Vida, Nikolić and Maruna and closed with a milonga.

The Split branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation, the Croatian Academic Association of Split—Man Above All—EU Humanists and the Split Dance Centre organised an Argentinean Evening at Split’s Fort Gripe on the 2nd of June.
The evening opened with a lecture by Branka Bezić Filipović on the history of the Croatian community in Argentina accompanied by photographs and music, with the technical assistance of Vicko Bezić.
The regions in which Croatians have settled were covered, with Ariel Ramírez’s Misa Criola, as performed by José Carreras, setting the mood. Listen at:
Acting students Tena Tadić and Frane Đaković then recited the poetry of Viktor Vida, Vinko Nikolić and Boris Maruna, as selected by the head of the Split branch office of the CHF, Bezić Filipović.
The programme was followed by a milonga dance evening of Argentinean tango. The popularity of tango has been growing in Split of late, and on this evening everyone learned something of the country it comes from and of the Croatians that live there.

Text by: Branka Bezić Filipović