The Čipčić’s represented Angola at the games, with Maria Carmen and Marin taking home medals won in the 50-metre breaststroke event.

Representing the Croatian community in Angola at the Croatian World Games were Antonela, Marin and Maria Carmen Čipčić. Only two African countries, Angolaand Tanzania, were represented by competitors at the games. Of the four competitors Angola was represented by two sisters and a brother in the swimming events.
“Our grandfather came to study in Zagreb, fell in love, married our grandmother and stayed to live here,” said the smiling Čipčić sisters.
Antonelaand Marin were born in Split, Maria Carmen in Luanda where the entire family now lives. Marin and Maria were also participants of the previous Croatian World Games and made many friends while here.
“Socialising and meeting with other Croatians takes precedence over the competitive aspect,” say the Čipčić’s. “We’re also taking advantage of the opportunity to better acquaint ourselves with the capital city and the homeland.”
Antonelahas spent the past two years in Lisbon where she will soon earn her master’s degree, while Marin has opted to return to the homeland.
Maria Carmen and Marin took home their medals won in the 50-metre breaststroke event.
Their story confirms that the games’ mission of linking emigrant Croatians and their descendants is an all round success. (