The Croatian Community in the Italian region of Veneto and the Pula branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation were again this year organisers of the celebration of St Leopold Mandić and the 9th meeting of Croatians, staged on the 9th of May at the shrine of St Leopold Mandić in Padua.

A festive holy mass in the Croatian language was led by retired bishop Monsignor Ivan Milovan. The Lanišće vocal ensemble performed the Old Croatian Lanišće mass. The service of mass was followed by a staging of the Knight of God recital by Antun Milovan.
The afternoon included a screening of a documentary film produced by state operated TV and radio company HRT Moja osveta je oprost (Forgiveness Is My Revenge) by Irena Hrvatin and the presentation of Miroslav Bulešić, svećenik i mučenik, znakoviti lik moderne povijesti Istre (Miroslav Bulešić: Priest and Martyr – A Major Figure in the Modern History of Istria) a book by Fabijan Veraja. The book was promoted by Monsignor Ivan Milovan and Dr Vladimir Žmak from the village of Lanišće.
The event programme closed with an Istrian ethno music concert by the Nešpula mixed-voice vocal ensemble from Pula.