Cetín Exhibits in Varaždin

La exposición con las obras donadas por Anton Cetín al Museo de la ciudad de Varaždin puede visitarse hasta el 27 de septiembre de este año. La autora de la concepción profesional y la exposición artística es la custodia Elizabeta Igrec.


Molise Croats Memorialise Lipa Mara Folk Song


The recording of Lipa Mara was posted to the Internet on the Popular Social Ensemble channel of the “YouTube” content platform to mark St Lucy feast day in the village of Mundimitar (Montemitro). This year the traditional festival in honour of the saint could not be staged, so the ethnic community in the Molise enclave chose to celebrate their Croatian roots through this recording.


Matica Magazine: The April Issue

The latest issue of Matica magazine offers some one hundred illustrations and a broad range of articles on ethnic Croatian communities abroad, all set against the backdrop of the current pandemic trepidation associated with SARS-CoV-2, and the earthquake in Zagreb