Interview with Andrej Plenković, Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia

In an exclusive interview for Matica magazine, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, talks about the importance of Croatia’s entry into the euro area and Schengen, looks at the position of Croats in the European neighborhood and highlights the significantly increased budget funds for strategic projects of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad for the needs of our entire emigrant population, including incentives for repatriation under the I Choose Croatia! scheme.

The most beautiful girls of Croatian roots at the Cultural fashion show in Tomislavgrad

The 9th traditional clothing fashion show and the selection of the most beautiful Croatian woman in traditional national costume outside the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Stećak Association and co-organized by the Croatian Heritage Foundation, has ended. On July 8 in Tomislavgrad, Drina Jelena Dujmić from Canada, whose mother has Duvno roots, was declared…

Matica Magazine: May Issue

In addition to the topics of mother tongue and culture, this year’s Croatian Emigrant Almanac by longtime editor Vesna Kukavica exclusively brings the topics of the birth of our public diplomacy in the diaspora, which is related to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of international recognition of the Republic of Croatia

Matica magazine: The March Issue

The cover and articles of this issue are a tribute to Croatian Language Month. From the Bosnia and Herzegovina edition of Večernji list newspaper, we “borrowed” an interview with Jelena Nadinić, PhD, from Buenos Aires, one of the participants in the 5th Croatian Emigrant Congress to be held in Mostar


Matica Magazine: Double Issue

Figures and events in focus include Chile’s president-elect Gabriel Boric Font, the life and work of recently deceased eminent Croatian historian Ivan Čizmić, Vladimir Peter Goss’ excellent review of Božo Skoko’s Strateško komuniciranje država (“Strategic State Communication”), and a look at the work of artist Slavko Kopač, currently featured at a Zagreb exhibition.

Željka Lovrenčić’s Latest Book

Much of the book is dedicated to essays that treat literature created abroad by people of Croatian extraction, on which her work as a researcher is focused. Among these are German authors such as Nela Stipančić Radonić and Adolf Polegubić, Ljerka Toth Naumova of North Macedonia, Australians Drago Šaravanja and Vladimir Jakopanec, Adrian Vuksanović from Montenegro, and Chileans Andrés Morales Milohnić, Sergio Vodanović, Eugenio Mimica Barassi, Guillermo Mimica and Vesna Mimica.