Roko Tanfara: Six Decades Abroad

Over the past two decades he has spent the summer on his native island, not resting, but rather renovating the old family home. Roko has also built a new house for his grandchildren with four well-appointed flats with a view of the blue Adriatic Sea. The Tanfara’s spend their golden years weighing each summer between their dreams of relocating to Croatia and their Canadian reality with four grandchildren.

Obituary for Missionary Friar Ljubo Krasić

Krasić’s contribution to the formative period of Croatian language instruction abroad was massive and aimed at promoting our language and culture in North America. He left his homeland with a broad educational background and worked in the frame of Catholic missions in the Croatian communities on the dissemination of our language and culture in the anglophone world, all whilst discharging his complex parish duties while resident in the USA and in Canada. He enriched his new home through the organisation of Croatian language instruction and the printing of textbooks, magazines and books.

Seven Decades of the St. George Junior Tamburitzans

Over its seven decades the ensemble has been led by instructors, choreographers and musical directors Bernard M. Luketich, Mary C. Luketich, John Gregurich, George Merlin, Chuck and Barbara Muchnok, Joseph Grcevich and Marlene Luketich Kochis. Helping out with the choreography for a time were specialist folklore artists and choreographers with the Lado ensemble out of Zagreb: Nevenka Vujčić Dubyak, Ivo Šulina, Nenad Breka, and Ivo Kirinčić from Karlovac.

Vancouver Native and Hvar Cross-Bearer Active in Zagreb Fundraiser

Matteo is an active member of the Croatian Catholic Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Vancouver. His is the sixth generation of cross-bearers, going back to his great-grandfathers and grandfathers on his father’s side in Vrbanj, and on his mother’s side in Jelsa. His father also bore the processional cross. Mateo also participated in a Zagreb earthquake fundraiser, and in an effort to secure financial assistance for the St Theresa of the Infant Jesus Home for Orphaned, Abandoned and Neglected Children.

Matica Magazine: The May Issue

In our thematic examination of the Adriatic isles we look at the culture, history and natural bounty of the island of Mljet, situated in the magical waters facing Dubrovnik. Along with the crossing of the apostle Paul’s travels and this island, and a literary residence at an Odyssean refuge, readers will learn of the fascinating careers of people that have left Mljet to live in New York and California.