Zvonko Pandžić Judita

Amazing discoveries of the German – Croatian philologist

In the presence of numerous high-ranking guests and leading Croatian connoisseurs of Marulić’s literary works, the lecture was given by the renowned philologist Zvonko Pandžić who has lived at a German address for many decades presenting at the same time his bibliophile edition—the triple “Judith“— figuratively speaking, with a facsimile of Marulić’s original writing of…

Celebration of the 90th anniversary of Croatian Day in Pittsburgh

This year, the program and celebration of this great jubilee consisted of the performance of “Jadran Beaver Valley Tamburitzans” from Aliquippa and “The Tamburitzans” from Pittsbugh, successors of the formerly famous Duquesne tamburica, Duquesene Polytechnic. The program was led by the president of the English speaking CFU Lodges, Michael Ricci, and the national president of the Croatian Fraternal Union, Edward W. Pazo, greeted the audience with a remarkable speech.

27th Days of Croatian film Ivo Gregurević in Orašje

In addition to other high-ranking guests, the representative of the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo, Mladen Glavina, state secretary of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad, Zvonko Miias, the director of the Croatian Heritage Foundation, Mijo Marić, and Ivo Kujundžić, editor-in-chief of the program for Croats outside the Republic of Croatia on HRT, media sponsor of the event

The most beautiful girls of Croatian roots at the Cultural fashion show in Tomislavgrad

The 9th traditional clothing fashion show and the selection of the most beautiful Croatian woman in traditional national costume outside the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Stećak Association and co-organized by the Croatian Heritage Foundation, has ended. On July 8 in Tomislavgrad, Drina Jelena Dujmić from Canada, whose mother has Duvno roots, was declared…