Poet Dugeč awarded Lucijan Kordić Prize

The award for best literary work published from 1 September 2010 to 1 September 2014 was presented at the Croatian Writers’ Association to the Stuttgart-based poet. The 3,000 Swiss franc prize was awarded for the collection of poems Matches of Faith in the presence of numerous society figures and fans of the belles lettres.

Libertas Foundation Scholarships

The Libertas Foundation was founded in San Pedro in December of 1991. Since 2003 the Libertas Foundation has awarded 135 scholarships to encourage young people to remain in rural parts of the county, to motivate them to better learning and to provide financial aid to disadvantaged families.

In memory of Pepita Turina (1908–1986)

The library in Sutivan launched a project to create a collection of books featuring emigrant literature under the title Second Homeland, which has been encouraged by the National and University Library in Zagreb, the State Office for Croats Abroad, the Croatian embassy in Santiago de Chile, the CHF headquarters in Zagreb and by Croatian communities around the world.

Takač memorial unveiled in Hrvatski Grob

Guests of the event were the mayor of city-friend Benkovac, the Benkovac Culture & Arts Association, represented by the Knez Branimir Culture & Arts Society and the Klapa Asseria, and a presentation of the cuisine and wines of the region. The culture and entertainment programme included the performances of the local Chorvatanka and Mala Chorvatanka Culture & Arts Societies.