Kreković gallery in Perušić

Thanks to Sina Kreković, the widow of Kristijan Kreković, and art historian Ljerka Galic of the CHF, as of this spring the town of Perušić will be home to a permanent gallery exhibition of thirty-three works of art by this world-renowned painter.

Kristijan Kreković returns to Lika in his art

Thanks to the collaboration of the Museum of Lika in the town of Gospić and the CHF of Zagreb, the museum’s director Vesna Bunčić on the 10th of February signed an agreement with Darko Ivić, the representative of the Croatian Conservation Institute, on the permanent holding of thirty-three paintings by Croatian emigrant painter Kristijan Kreković.

68th Croatian Ball in Vienna

Deputy speaker of Croatian Parliament and academician Željko Reiner, the head of office at the State Office for Croats Abroad Daria Krstičević, Croatian Ambassador to Austria Gordan Bakota, Croatian ambassadors to Hungary and Slovakia, Gordan Grlić-Radman and Jakša Muljačić respectively, vice-mayor of the City of Vienna Maria Vassilakou, the secretary general of the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs Michael Linhart, Austrian Ambassador to Croatia Andrea Ikić-Böhm, and many others gathered at the Schönbrunn Parkhotel.

Two lectures by Davor Pavuna DSc in Pula

The Pula branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation and the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula organised two lectures by Dr Pavuna, who has worked since 1986 in Switzerland’s Lausanne as a university professor of physics, the chemistry of condensed matter and micro- and optoelectronics.