Spring semester of HiT-1 wraps up

Enrolling for this, the twelfth round, were a record nineteen participants from thirteen countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Japan, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Russia and the United States of America), who successfully completed both parts of the final exam and received the diploma of the University of Zagreb’s School of Language and Culture and a bilingual record of their grades in Croatian and English.

10th Meeting of Croatians in Padua

Zvonimir Milas, the head of the Croatian Government’s State Office for Croats Abroad was on hand for the event in Padua, joined by Croatian Ambassador to Italy Damir Grubiša, the ambassador’s envoy to the Holy See Hrvoje Franušić and Croatian Heritage Foundation director Marin Knezović.

Croatian Heritage Foundation delegation visits Pécs

CHF director Marin Knezović met with Vesna Haluga, the Croatian general consul in Pécs, Stjepan Blažetin, the director of the Hungarian Croatian Institute of Sciences, Branka Pavić Blažetin, the chief editor of the Croatica Media Centre and the of the newspaper Hrvatski glasnik and with Ivan Gugan, president of the Croatian Minority Self-Government in Hungary.

Croatian academic elite at Vienna promotion

Many prominent figures gathered for the presentation of the publications, including Croatian ambassador in Austria Dr Vesna Cvjetković, the minister plenipotentiary for culture at the Croatian embassy Dr Zdenka Weber, Biserka Lukan of the State Office for Croats Abroad on behalf of the head of the office Zvonko Milas, Croatian Heritage Foundation director Marin Knezović and others. 

25th Croatian Folklore Festival staged

Following the address by delegate and Catholic minister Komadina the members of the panel of judges Srebrenka Šeravić and Iva Cvetko presented gold medals to the representatives of the ensembles. Ms Šeravić presented the delegate with a letter of thanks from the Croatian Heritage Foundation to the Croatian Pastoral Office in Frankfurt on the occasion of the 25th Croatian Folklore Festival in Germany.

Vlasta Mandić’s Botunade in Dubrovnik

The book promo at the library in Dubrovnik was organised by the Croatian Heritage Foundation’s branch office in Dubrovnik and by the Croatian Civic Society of Montenegro. Among the guests from neighbouring Montenegro was journalist and publicist Mašo Čekić, on hand to present the book.