Croatian President Decorates Deserving Croatians in Sweden

Stockholm Croatian Catholic Mission head Stjepan Biletić was awarded the Order of the Croatian Morning Star with the image of Katarina Zrinski, Federation of Croatian Associations in Sweden president Diana Vukušić received the Order of the Croatian Interlace, while the Matija Gubec Croatian Culture Society of Stockholm was presented with a Charter of the Republic of Croatia.

La presidente croata condecora a croatas en Suecia

La orden del Lucero Croata con el rostro de Katarina Zrinski fue entregada a Stjepan Biletić, director de la MCC en Estocolmo, la Orden de la Guarda Croata, a la presidente de la Unión de Asociaciones Croatas en Suecia, Diana Vukušić, y la Carta de la República de Croacia, a la Asociación Cultural Croata „Matija Gubec“, de Estocolmo

Spring issue of Matica magazine

In the latest issue read all about the promotion of the 2017 Croatian Emigrant Almanac, the hundred-year commemoration of friar Didak Buntić’s campaign to save starving children, the passing of Croatian political torchbearer and dissident prisoner under the former communist regime Marko Veselica, the honouring of Aloysius Stepinac in the diaspora community parishes and much, much more.