Exhibition and Symposium at the Former Rupe Granary

“The Traditional Garb of the Croatian Minority Enclaves and Majority Peoples of the Southeast of Europe” is a project jointly run by the Dubrovnik branch office of the CHF and the Museums of Dubrovnik, with the support of the Stećak association for the preservation and promotion of traditional culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina. An event at the former Rupe granary from 23 to 30 September also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the CHF and will feature an exhibition and symposium.

Eighth Traditional Folk Costume Review for Croatians Abroad Held Online

The participants of the eighth review were greeted by Croatian Heritage Foundation deputy director Mr Ivan Tepeš and by Ms Žana Ćorić, an advisor with special status for Croatians in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the State Office for Croats Abroad. Guests of honour at the event were Petar Hategan from Romania, Ljerka Sindik from Montenegro, Manda Oršulić from Germany, and Katarina Horvatović from Zagreb, joined by previous participants of the review.