Molise Croats Memorialise Lipa Mara Folk Song


The recording of Lipa Mara was posted to the Internet on the Popular Social Ensemble channel of the “YouTube” content platform to mark St Lucy feast day in the village of Mundimitar (Montemitro). This year the traditional festival in honour of the saint could not be staged, so the ethnic community in the Molise enclave chose to celebrate their Croatian roots through this recording.

Interview prof. dr. sc. Vladimir Peter Goss A brief introduction to post-earthquake renewal of Zagreb

Interview by Božo Skoko While recovering from the terrible earthquake and discussing ways of renewal some of the experts see this misfortune as an opportunity. As absurd as it may sound, the catastrophic earthquake of 1880 led to an architectural move wherein Zagreb got the Lenuci Green Hoof, Downtown palaces, the renewed Cathedral with tall,…