Promotion of the Croatian Emigrant Almanac 2022

In addition to the topics of mother tongue and culture, this year’s Croatian Emigrant Almanac exclusively brings the topics of the birth of our public diplomacy in the diaspora, which is associated with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the international recognition of the Republic of Croatia. The digital repository of the CHF’s yearbook can be found on the portal of the publisher – Croatian Heritage Foundation at the link

Exhibition of donations by Jelko Yuresha opened at the Carlo Schmidl Museum in Trieste

Lead The exhibition “Una vita per il balletto/Hommage à Jelko Yuresha/Life for Ballet” includes more than 50 copies of ballet costumes and accessories, photographs, and paintings and is a continuation of many years of cooperation between the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Croatian Community in Trieste to promote Croatian art and cultural heritage in collaboration with the City of Trieste

Velika fešta – tamburitza festival in Cokeburg

In addition to the hosts, St. George Adult Tumburitzans Cokeburg, the following groups also performed: Veseljaci Adult Tamburitzans Farrell, Ansambl Sveti Nikola Aliquippa, Penn-Sembles Adult Tamburitzans Versailles, Keystone Adult Tamburitzans Pittsburgh, Ensemble Hrvatski Dom Rankin, Sacred Heart Tamburitza Ensemble McKeesport, Sevdah Conway and young, recently founded tamburitza ensemble Svemir (“Space”) along with the soloist Mark Koches. The program was led by the music director of St. George tamburitza ensemble, Marlene Luketich-Kochis

Koprivnica Hosts a Memorable CHF School of Croatian Folklore

With programme specialist supervisor Andrija Ivančan were Tibor Bun, Vjekoslav Martinić, and Siniša Leopold. Joining them as lecturers were top folklore and ethno-choreography experts and renowned Croatian folklore researchers Goran Oreb, Katarina Horvatović, Kristina Benko Markovica, Miro Kirinčić, Štefan Novak (Austria), Lydia Novak and Philipp Tyran, all ably assisted by musical rehearser Antun Kottek.

CHF Participates in Culture, Arts and Culinary Event in Hungary’s Kozármisleny

The event included a lecture and a presentation of folk costumes by folklore specialist Katarina Horvatović, and a workshop for the folklore ensembles preparing for performances at the Advent celebrations in Zagreb in the coming year. A round table discussed opportunities for the presentation of ethnic Croatian culture and arts associations in this part of Hungary to the broader Croatian public, and participation in folklore reviews and other events. The event wrapped up with a folklore festival featuring Zagreb folklore ensembles accompanied by the HKUD Željezničar tamburitza ensemble.