The Croatian Heritage Foundation’s publishing activity, alongside the MATICA monthly and the annual CROATIAN EMIGRANT ALMANAC, also encompasses books and booklets and various periodicals covering emigrant themes. The CHF’s publication activity will be broadened by numerous titles that cover themes connected with a wide scope of the activities of Croatians and their descendants across the globe. The, to date few, books and booklets that have been released cover the Croatian emigration from the past to present in various thematic areas – from business to fiction.



Vanda Boras Podravac

A Diary from Abroad / The Suffering of the Croatian People in the 20th Century as Seen Through the Prism of One Croatian Family

Publisher: Croatian Heritage Foundation
Year of Publication: Zagreb, 2010.
Series: Special edition
Editor: Vesna Kukavica
Binding: soft
Format: 15,0 x 21,0 cm
Pages: 180
Price: 100 kn

ISBN: 978-953-6525-54-6



Jagoda Marinić

Die Namenlose (The original)


Publisher: Croatian Heritage Foundation and Zagrebački holding d.o.o. – Podružnica AGM
Year of Publication: Zagreb, 2009.
Series: NOVEL
Editors: Grozdana Cvitan and Vesna Kukavica
Binding: soft
Format: 14×20 cm
Pages: 114
Price: 90 kn
ISBN: 978-953-174-355-6


Boris Škvorc

AUSTRALIAN CROATIANS – Myths and Realities

Discussions and Essays on Croatian Emigrant literature, Exiles and an Imaginary Croatia

Publisher: Croatian Heritage Foundation
Year of Publication: Zagreb, 2005
Editor: Vesna Kukavica
Binding: Paperback
Format: 16×23 cm
Pages: 224
Price: 140 kn
ISBN: 953-6525-33-X
Area: I. Croatians – Emigrants – Australia – Cultural Life
II. Croatian Literature – Emigration – Australia

Croatians in the World Series; Book 1;
Books contains B/W photos.