Advertising flags or banners are the most frequent and commercial way to advertise on the Internet.
They are located within the advertising space of every Internet page and their place on a page is determined by their size. Every banner contains a link, which means that every click on the banner opens the desired advertiser’s pages.

CHF Internet marketing offers:

• a 142 x 98 px mid-sized banner can be placed on the right side
of every page, under the navigation menus

Home page banner prices:

banner sizeeur/kn/1 m.eur/kn/3 m.eur/kn/6 m.eur/kn/1 year
142 x 98 px79,63/600,00226,96/1.710,00430,02/3.240,00796,34/6.000,00

• prices are without VAT
• banner prices for all other pages in the subsections (news, projects, events, CHF – media, competitions, …) is 30 % cheaper

Banners can be in the gif, jpg or flash formats, static or animated depending on the advertisers’ desires.


Like in all other media, a sponsored article is an established marketing method on the Internet. Topics will be covered by our capable journalists working with top photographers.

– at most 2 pages of text
– up to 3 pictures
– a link to an Internet page designated by the advertiser

Based on the advertiser’s request, a sponsored article can appear in almost all of the sections (news, projects, events, CHF – media, competitions, …), except on the Home page.

eur/kn/1 m.eur/kn/3 m.eur/kn/6 m.eur/kn/1 year
Price of a sponsored article132,72/1.000,00378,26/2.850,00716,70/5.400,001.327,23/10.000,00

• prices are without VAT


Sponsoring a section is a package-service that includes two kinds of advertising:

• a sponsored article according to the specified conditions
• a 142 x 98 px mid-sized banner located at the top, directly under the
right-hand navigation menu


eur/kn/1 m.eur/kn/3 m.eur/kn/6 m.eur/kn/1 year
Price of sponsoring a section159,27/1.200,00453,91/3.420,00860,04/6.480,001.592,67/12.000,00

• prices are without VAT


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