mWith its 54 years of publication and presence among the Croatian emigrant communities across the world, the MATICA monthly magazine is among the longest running illustrated Croatian reviews.

Created above all to be a forum for dialogue between the Homeland and Croatians who live around the globe; immigrants, economic migrants, scientists and experts working or completing further education, and with the members of the indigenous minority communities… MATICA is a specific culture and arts publication, of interest also to the domestic reader. With its choice of topics and their presentation, MATICA carries out an important mission in the frame of promoting the national identity and the in the international affirmation of the values that are our country’s and nation’s contribution to contemporary European culture.

Thanks to this, the effective graphic design and high-quality print, MATICA is recording a constant rise in print runs and subscriptions. It is now printed on 76-80 colour pages, on kunstdruck paper, in 3000 copies per issue. Besides to about 2500 subscribers it is also sent to embassies, Catholic missions, Croatian clubs, associations and the other places our communities gather in across the world.

MATICA is therefore an outstanding advertising media for many kinds of goods and services, especially those of interest to Croatian emigrants – from travel arrangements and souvenirs to properties and foods that make up the backbone of Croatian national cuisine. We trust that you will recognise the promotional potential of this publication and offer you our advertising space pricing for your perusal.

Matica advertising space prices – EUR/KN

 Size of advertisementColour print
 1/1 page (20,5 x 27,5 cm)955,60/7.200
 2/3 page (20,5 x 18,4 cm)836,15/6.300
 1/3 page (18,5 x 9,2 cm)525,58/3.960
 1/3 stranice (18,5 x 9,2 cm)291,99/2.200
 1/4 page (10,3 x 13,8 cm)201,74/1.520
 1/8 page (10,3 x 6,9 cm)132,72/1.000
 Sponsored report (2 pages of text + photo)796,34/6.000
 Back cover page1.313,96/9.900
 Inside of cover1.048,51/7.900

VAT is added to listed prices, and for four paid advertisements a free one (of the same size) is approved. For payments made based on a pro forma invoice there is a 5% discount on the listed prices.

• we accept advertisements in pdf format
• we accept orders for the production of advertisements

Payment for services rendered or payments based on pro forma invoices are made to the CHF account no. 2390001-1100021305; MB (Register Number) 3277348, and a sample is delivered in the technical form agreed upon with the MATICA Editorial staff.

oglas 1 1 v

(20,5 x 27,5 cm)


oglas 2 3 v

(20,5 x 18,4 cm)


oglas 1 2 v

(20,5 x 13,8 cm)


oglas 1 3 v

(18,5 x 9,2 cm)


oglas 1 4 v

(10,3 x 13,8 cm)


oglas 1 8 v

(10,3 x 6,9 cm)


sponzorirana v

Sponsored report


zadnja v

Back cover page


predzadnja v

Inside of cover


Sponsored report

We accept ready for publication material but also offer the services of our journalists and photographers at the same price.
If you would prefer a longer text and more pages for the release of your report pricing will be agreed upon on an individual basis.



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