Exhibition and Symposium at the Former Rupe Granary

“The Traditional Garb of the Croatian Minority Enclaves and Majority Peoples of the Southeast of Europe” is a project jointly run by the Dubrovnik branch office of the CHF and the Museums of Dubrovnik, with the support of the Stećak association for the preservation and promotion of traditional culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina. An event at the former Rupe granary from 23 to 30 September also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the CHF and will feature an exhibition and symposium.

Bilosnić Publishes 24th Translation

Don Quixote on Fifth Avenue offers a selection taken from Bilosnić’s previously published collections of poetry: Pred zavjesama (“Facing the Curtains”), I društvo koje ostaje (“The Remaining Company”), Približavanje ptica (“The Birds Approacheth”), and Znaci za uzbunu (“Warning Signs”). The latest collection is bilingual, in English and Romanian, translated by Roman Karlović and the collection’s editor Daniel Dragomirescu.