The Matica Magazine September Double Issue


In this issue we feature a twenty-page report on the island of Šolta: a look at the history (Marina Knezović), the lime making tradition (Hrvoje Salopek), the indigenous grape and olive varieties, endemic species of flora and fauna (Darko Mihelj), people like Croatian-Canadian Dušan Bezić (Vesna Kukavica) and Eugen Buktenica, our only painter working in the naïve style from our southern region of Dalmatia.

Croatian House Vienna Opens it Doors

The Croatian House Vienna is a two thousand square metre facility featuring two auditoriums, offices and multifunctional areas located in an excellent and peaceful site in Vienna’s 23rd district. The first meeting held at the centre was on the 17th of September gathering representatives of Croatian associations in Austria on the topic of challenges to work in the face of the current pandemic coronavirus fears.

Mario Pinjuh: A Life Cut Short

Pinjuh was a longstanding member of the Mokro culture and arts association and worked with many other culture and arts associations. Pinjuh was also a member of UHAKUD, an association of Croatian amateur culture and arts associations in Bosnia-Herzegovina. His community activity included serving at the post of secretary of the local council in the village of Mokro.