Obituary for Missionary Friar Ljubo Krasić

Krasić’s contribution to the formative period of Croatian language instruction abroad was massive and aimed at promoting our language and culture in North America. He left his homeland with a broad educational background and worked in the frame of Catholic missions in the Croatian communities on the dissemination of our language and culture in the anglophone world, all whilst discharging his complex parish duties while resident in the USA and in Canada. He enriched his new home through the organisation of Croatian language instruction and the printing of textbooks, magazines and books.

Matica Magazine: The June Issue

The 2020 number 6 issue of Matica magazine covers events in the Croatian communities abroad across many continents and continues our series on the Adriatic islands with the cultural and natural wonders of the central Adriatic island of Pag, situated between the Velebit channel and the Kvarnerić strait, and the stories of the people that have left the island to settle abroad