Croatian Diaspora Folk Costume Collection Presented

The Croatian diaspora folk costume collection was created in 2004 under a new systematisation of the museum collections, drawn from the existing collections, and now has over seven hundred physical exhibits and has been entirely digitalised. It brings together the apparel of members of the Croatian ethnic communities in various parts of central and eastern European countries: Austria, Czechia, Kosovo, Hungary, Romania and Serbia.

President Decorates Prominent Croatians Abroad

The priest Dragan Filipović and Ms Ágnes Prodán were presented the Order of the Croatian Interlace. Charters of the Republic of Croatia were presented to the Days of Croatian Film in Orašje, the Croatian department at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Pécs’s Faculty of Humanities, the Croatian National Council of Montenegro, the Croatian Civic Society of Montenegro-Kotor, Radio Dux, and the Veseli Gradišćanci Croatian Culture Society.