Matica Magazine: the November Issue


The second last of this year’s issues of the Croatian Heritage Foundation’s Matica magazine features the island of Vis, which some say has the greatest concentration of natural monuments in Europe. Along with our regular columns and the diaspora stories of families with ancestral roots on the island of Vis and in the Kvarner Bay region, this issue shares the Book Month fever and offers a bevy of book promos covering diaspora themes.

Jajce Hosts 2nd Cultural & Religious Heritage of the Croatians of Bosnia-Herzegovina Event


The event was sponsored by the Croatian National Assembly of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Central State Office for Croats Abroad and the Croatian Heritage Foundation, and held under the auspices of Marinko Čavar, the president of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bojan Domić, the education, science, culture and sports minister of the Central Bosnia Canton, Mirjana Plavčić, the canton’s finance minister and the Prsten association of Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina.