July issue of Matica magazine available

In the latest issue of Matica magazine also read all about the Croatian Statehood Day celebrations, the Vladimir Nazor Prize ceremony, the Miss Croatian folk costume pageant for Croatians abroad, the World Football Championships for Croatian clubs in the emigrant communities and much, much more.

Emigrants’ Day on the islands of Unije and Susak

Residents of the islands of Unije and Susak with celebrate their eighth and thirtieth, respectively, Emigrants’ Days. Both events are dedicated to their fellow islanders living around the world. The event is organised by the local hosts and the Rijeka branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation.

Evening of Stipe Ercegović films

Stipe Ercegović, a film director and the president of the Tin Ujević Croatian Community of Belgrade offered a screening of his films Tko je bio Mate Brničević? (Who Was Mate Brničević?) and Sumpetar: ljubav duha i kamena (Sumpetar: The Love of Spirit and Stone) to audiences in Dugi Rat. A native of the nearby settlement of Krilo Jesenice, his work treats the Podstrane region.