The 16th Rešetari Meeting of Poets

A surprise for the participants of the Meeting and their guests – two years after the opening of the retrospective exhibition in Zagreb on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the painter’s birth – was the opening of an exhibition of seventeen drawings in pen and Indian ink wash from a 1991 donation stored at the Modern Gallery in Zagreb, and one portrait entitled Indian With Wool Cap from a 1994 donation owned by the CHF by Croatian emigrant painter Kristian Kreković. On hand to present the project was Ljerka Galic, head of the CHF department of emigrant heritage.

September double issue of Matica magazine

The latest issue of features an article about a prominent French Croatian, the well-known construction entrepreneur and philanthropist Mate Gabelica, and the many CHF summer programmes – the Creating Theatre seminar, the Little School of Croatian Language and Culture, the Folk Costume Workshop and Task Force.