CHF Dubrovnik Hosts Promo for New Textbook and Lumblija Day in Blato

Everyone is invited to come to Blato on the 28th of October for an exhibition, tasting and the declaration of the winner of the 2017 Best Blato Lumblija Prize.

A presentation was staged at the Dubrovnik branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation on the 17th of October of Hrvatski u srcu – udžbenik za hrvatsku nastavu u inozemstvu od 1.-4. razreda osnovne škole (Croatian in the Heart – A Textbook for Croatian Language Instruction Abroad for Elementary Grades 1 Through 4). The textbook was authored by Dijana Ančić and is published by Školska Knjiga. Also on the agenda was the announcement of the upcoming 6th Lumblija Day in Blato, an event that has been promoted in Dubrovnik for the past three years.
Welcoming the gathered was host Maja Mozara, the head of the Dubrovnik branch office of the CHF, who expressed her happiness with the continuing excellent collaboration with the Blatski Fižuli culture institution and the Municipality of Blato Tourism Board.
The textbook's author Dijana Ančić, a teacher at Blato Elementary School was introduced by Tonći Padovan, the school's principal and chairman of the municipal council committee for inter-municipal and international cooperation and cooperation with the diaspora communities.
Ms Ančić spoke of her textbook and the accompanying workbook, noting that it provided extensive content in the area of Croatian cultural heritage. The alphabet sections, for example, familiarise pupils with the natural and cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. Along with the Croatian language instruction content, the textbook also integrates music, visual arts, nature and social science lessons. The textbook adheres fully to the guidelines of the Croatian language curriculum for instruction provided abroad.
Following the presentation of the textbook event organisers Maja Šeparović and Ivana Sardelić spoke of the Lumblija Day in Blato event. They presented Blato's lumblija, what it means to them and its specific qualities, and presented the programme for the 6th Lumblija Day in Blato, inviting everyone to join them in Blato on the 28th of October for an exhibition, tasting and the declaration of the winner of the 2017 Best Blato Lumblija Prize.


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