The creating theatre seminar - July 7 to 15 2018

July 7 to 15 2018, island of Galovac (Školjić)

Project organiser: Croatian Heritage Foundation
Project leader: Nina Kleflin
Organiser: Nives Antoljak
Venue: island of Galovac (Školjić)
Date: July 7 to 15 2018
Expected number of attendants: 20


About the project:
In 2018 the Croatian Heritage Foundation is staging a seminar for leaders of theatre (dramatic arts) troupes active outside of Croatia, conceived as a workshop for the instruction of those wish to expand on and enrich their knowledge, and for those who are looking to set up a theatre troupe.

A lot of useful advice and practical knowledge will be presented during the eight-day course of instruction, creative work and socialising that can be easily implemented.
Creating theatre is particularly useful to leaders of emigrant community theatre troupes active in a bilingual environment and multicultural milieu. The seminar is targeted to devotees of the dramatic arts who wish to delve into elements of Croatian cultural identity through theatre and to develop the culture of the use of the Croatian literary standard and the dialects spoken by our indigenous minority communities in European countries. The strength of this CHF project is in theatre as a medium, as it is a synthesis of many art forms and offers varied forms of cultural activity. Through this project the HMI also assists Croatian professional theatre as a whole, kindling interest for the dramatic arts in the emigrant communities and for showpiece samples of our theatrical art. The seminar will, as it has for the past ten years, be led by Zagreb-based director Nina Kleflin. As an experienced director, with hundreds of engagements as a director under her belt, and as a tried pedagogue and lecturer (she has lectured on acting and directing at the Carnegie Mellon University in the USA), she will lead the participants of the seminar, through lectures and rehearsals, through all phases of the creation of a theatrical play.


Acquire new knowledge in an invigorating and cheerful work environment. Meet new people and exchange experiences with theatre amateurs from around the world under the expert guidance of stage director and dramatic arts pedagogue Nina Kleflin. The programme is divided into a morning theoretical segment with audio-visual materials and an afternoon hands on session. The seminar will close with the performance of a stage play penned by a domestic author to showcase the knowledge gained before a local audience. The programme will also include thematic lectures and performances by local folklore groups.

Working programme:
In the morning two-hour theory session the seminar leader will go over all of the key topics related to creating theatre. The lectures will also feature illustrations, photos, and audio-video footage. The afternoon sessions are conceived as rehearsals at which the group, working hands-on, will cover what was treated in the theoretical session. A short domestic, contemporary piece will be played, adapted to the needs of the seminar, providing every participant the chance to act and to feel how a role is played and how problems are resolved in the process.


The programme will take place on the island of Galovac (Školjić). 

How to apply:

The seminar will run from July 7 2018
Participants pay only accommodation (HRK 300 per day – full board), while other costs are covered by the CHF.
Applications are accepted up to June 15 2018

Our motto:
Theatre is difficult to devise – but easy to create.
Let's cook up some theatre – see you in Školjić!

For all further information and application forms please contact the seminar organiser Nives Antoljak


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