Croatian Days for Children, Youth and Teachers

A workshop on learning and teaching Croatian as a second language


Staged to date:
Croatian Week in Sweden
Little School of Croatian Language and Culture in Slovakia
Multicultural Week in Switzerland
Croatian Days for Children, Youth and Teachers in the USA 2004 – 2008
Croatian Days in Macedonia 2008
Croatian Days for Children, Youth and Teachers in Australia 2009

The Croatian Days for Children, Youth and Teachers programme is targeted to all people in the Croatian communities who wish to learn through fascinating workshops/playrooms about contemporary and fascinating ways to learn and teach the Croatian language and culture.
Given that the programmes of Croatian schools cover not only learning the Croatian language, but also many other aspects of the Croatian cultural identity, the workshop form allows for a correlation between the various aspects of the content, while an interactive approach to learning provides the opportunity for free expression and improvisation, encouraging for all participants irrespective of the level of their knowledge of the Croatian language. The content of this programme therefore comprises several workshops (drama, puppetry, language workshop, Croatian culture and natural heritage workshop, teacher's workshop) that are adapted to a number of specificities (linguistic, socio-cultural, age, interest and experiential determinants). Additional content can be organised such as film corners, the exhibitions of teaching material, thematic meetings, discussions and the like.

Puppetry workshop                                Teacher's workshop

It is recommended that the teachers that participate in the work of the workshops for children and youth look to acquire knowledge of new methods of teaching the Croatian language, to apply them in practice and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to include them in their work as educators. Along with this, at the separate workshops for teachers, the leaders will, depending on the areas of interest they have pursued over many years, highlight the specificities of these new methods of freeing up and enabling language skills and thus provide new ideas and encouragement for work.


Language workshop                                 Drama workshop

This programme wishes to contribute to the preservation of the national linguistic and cultural identity of younger generations of Croatians that live and go to school outside their native homeland.

The hrID – Croatian Abroad portal has emerged as a concrete product of this beneficial project.

Would you like us to organise Croatian Days in your area?

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